Downtown Jamestown has great architecture, charming streets, and many vibrant and creative enterprises. The Jamestown Renaissance Corporation coordinates revitalization strategies to build from these assets and make downtown and the adjacent riverfront more attractive for new residents, new businesses, and new investment. Our goals include:

Bring new life to buildings and public spaces

Dormant or underutilized spaces present opportunities—as well as financial and physical challenges. The JRC and its public and private partners work together to identify practical solutions that bring life to storefronts, upper floors, streets, alleys, and parks.

Promote design excellence

Good design communicates a commitment to high standards that can permeate other aspects of a community. New developments and renovations to existing buildings should strive for designs that complement the city’s architectural heritage, engage pedestrians, and strengthen downtown’s sense of place.

Increase utilization of the Chadakoin River

Long plagued by pollution and hidden from the public eye by industrial uses, the Chadakoin River is becoming a quality-of-life asset for residents of Jamestown. Through expansion of the Riverwalk and other features, the JRC and its partners are striving to make the river a great place to stroll on a lunch break, ride a bike, or fish.

Boost coordination and collaboration

Businesses, residents, employees, the arts community, government—all have a stake in downtown’s future. Coordinating the resources and energies of these partners is a central role of the JRC as a public-private partnership.

The JRC’s efforts are guided, in part, by the Jamestown Urban Design Plan 2.0, 2006 Urban Design Plan, Downtown Design GuidelinesTraffic and Streetscape Enhancement Plan, AECOM Economic Development Study and the Jamestown DRI Revitalization Initiative White Paper 2016.


Since 2006, the JRC has collaborated with private property owners and the City of Jamestown on over 36 facade renovation projects including the historic row houses at Thurston Terrace on East 4th Street. In addition, 101 buildings have been added to the National Register in the newly designated downtown historic district, 13 upper-floor apartments and many retail and office spaces have been renovated. The JRC has also managed five alleyway renovations, installation of 63 pieces of student art at Potters gALLErY, and the development of Winter Garden Plaza and Renaissance Square.

Altogether, the JRC has directed over $1.5 million into downtown projects, leveraging significant levels of additional public and private investment. The Gebbie Foundation and Jamestown Urban Renewal Agency have been the primary financial sponsors of the JRC’s downtown revitalization efforts.

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