In 2018, JRC brought in Goody Clancy, consultant on the 2006 Urban Design Plan, to consult for a new urban design plan. For about a year, JRC stewarded the Jamestown Urban Design Plan 2.0, which was adopted by the Jamestown City Council in May of 2019. The preparation included tours, detailed conversations, and community input.

Jamestown is a small city with a big heart and a bold plan for our downtown. Our vision is clear: to re-establish downtown as a vital destination, an economic engine for the region, and a place that makes our community proud. Check out the newest Urban Design Plan here:

Urban Design Plan 2.0

Bold plans are not something new for us. In 2006, governmental, civic, foundation, and community partners came together to shape the Jamestown Urban Design Plan to guide downtown initiatives. The legacy of that plan is transformation of the downtown riverfront as a community destination, creation of the National Comedy Center as a world-class attraction, renewed optimism about downtown’s future, and increased private sector investment. Jamestown’s success has earned national attention. In 2018, the American Planning Association recognized the City’s progress when awarding it the Gold 2018 National Planning Achievement Award for Implementation, the smallest city in the nation to be recognized with a national award.

While success has been hard won through the efforts of many individuals and organizations, downtown Jamestown still has a significant way to go to fully realize its potential. Disinvestment from Jamestown’s downtown was cumulative over several decades. It will likewise take sustained effort over the longer term to reach a full renaissance. The next ten years will be crucial to sustaining downtown’s current positive momentum. Our new plan, entitled Urban Design Plan 2.0, builds on many of the themes that have guided change over the last 10 years, combined with new opportunities that are now possible because of recent successes. The guiding themes of our new plan are fourfold:

Just like the successful Urban Design Plan of 2006, this plan has been shaped with extensive involvement of the Jamestown community. Over 70 Jamestown residents have helped develop Jamestown 2.0 through a robust public engagement process including public meetings, interviews, walking tours, and a happy hour.

Downtown’s success is so important to the success of our entire community and region. We are confident that we have the vision and energy to move forward.