Healthy Neighborhoods

Jamestown has many strong and vibrant neighborhoods with well-crafted homes, soaring tree canopies, red-brick streets, and scenic hillsides. Unfortunately, many of these properties suffer from some degree of disinvestment and poor upkeep—a vicious cycle that lowers the value of entire blocks and discourages new investment.

The JRC works with a wide range of community partners to break this cycle of disinvestment by giving residents the confidence and encouragement to invest time, energy and resources in their homes and neighborhoods. Through projects, educational programs, and policy support, the JRC aims to:

  • Support targeted reinvestment in the city’s housing stock
  • Promote beautification through gardening and landscaping
  • Explore productive new uses for vacant land
  • Improve systems for managing vacant and abandoned property
  • Encourage proactive and engaged neighborhoods

Recommendations from Jamestown’s Neighborhood Progress Report guide these efforts.