Neighborhood Watch

To become a Neighborhood Watch in the City of Jamestown, follow the steps outlined below:

    1. Request application forms from the Jamestown Police Department.
      Contact: Sara Klawon, Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police
      201 East Second Street, Jamestown, NY  14701
      (716) 483-7530
    2. Receive a package containing:
      Cover letter
      Neighborhood Watch Petition
      Neighborhood Watch Registration form
      Neighborhood Watch Membership Roster
      Jamestown Police Department Neighborhood Watch Handbook
    3. Complete the paperwork, including the registration form and petition. At least 10 neighbors need to sign the Neighborhood Watch petition and include their addresses.
    4. Return completed paperwork to the Jamestown Police Department, c/o Sara Klawon.
    5. The completed application goes before the City Council’s Public Safety Committee for approval.
    6. The Department Public Works installs Neighborhood Watch signage, taking location suggestions from the newly designated group into account
    7. The new Neighborhood Watch group conducts its first meeting. A police liaison can be scheduled to attend if the JPD is given at least one week’s notice.
    8. Group representatives may attend the monthly Neighborhood Watch Coalition meeting for further guidance. Contact Cathy Whitford, Coalition President (664-5886).


For more information, visit the following resources:

Lakeview Avenue Community Action Project–Neighborhood Watch

Jamestown Police Department on Facebook