Garden at the corner of Grant and E. 8th Street managed by Northside PRIDE

Community gardens have emerged in many cities as a powerful tool to reactivate vacant lots, engage neighbors, and facilitate healthy lifestyles.  During the 20th century, Jamestown and other American cities promoted community gardening during World War I (Liberty Gardens), the Great Depression (Relief Gardens) and World War II (Victory Gardens) to augment food supplies.  And for decades, the City of Jamestown leased space to gardeners in lots on Jones & Gifford Avenue.

JRC and the Chautauqua County Health Network (CCHN) are now teaming up with several other partners to reintroduce community gardening to Jamestown.  Demonstration gardens, supportive policies, and a network of gardener resources are all part of this effort.

Demonstration Community Gardens

Three community gardens were started in 2012 on vacant lots in the City of Jamestown. The gardens are on privately owned land leased by the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation:

  1. Lakeview Avenue Community Garden: 19 raised beds on land owned by Harold Whitford and Brenda Strasser
  2. Washington Street Community Garden: 13 raised beds on land owned by Barbara Johnson

All raised beds are filled with high quality soil and are 12’ long, 4’ wide and 1’ high. Beds can be leased for an annual payment of $20. To inquire about available garden beds, contact Mary Maxwell at or 716-489-3493.

Additional community garden sites have been developed (with support from JRC and CCHN) by Jamestown Community College on Curtis Street and by Northside PRIDE at the corner of Grant and E. 8th Streets.

If your organization or neighborhood group is interested in starting its own community garden, contact the JRC for assistance.