Paint Jamestown

Paint Jamestown Booklet

Painting your home in a historic color scheme can often be intimidating. Choosing how colors work together can be difficult to do. This is why so often homeowners default to a simple white color scheme. It is safe, if not particularly inspirational.

Paint Jamestown provides city residents with an opportunity to complement their historic homes by choosing from among the rich history of house colors that existed in 19th and early 20th centuries. Importantly, these colors work together.

This paint program is important to homeowners and neighborhoods in Jamestown because it improves the appearance and marketability of Jamestown’s historic neighborhoods and housing stock. 

The following color schemes were developed for the Oswego Renaissance Association (ORA) by Historic House Colors (HHC) and are being shared with Jamestown homeowners with permission from ORA. The coordinated paint schemes are freely available in this booklet, providing ready, on-hand options.

Since each scheme has one optional (bonus) color that can be swapped for any color in the 3-color base set, or added as a 4th color, there are 250 possible combinations. Separated into four historic periods from 1800-1940, homeowners can simply choose from the preset schemes.

Each color has a name, and a listed 4-digit code, that is a Sherwin Williams color drawn from their complete range of currently available paints at the local Sherwin Williams store. If you prefer, most all local paint stores in Jamestown can also color-match the color schemes.